About us

Cäcilia Lauenstein and Ragnar Müller-WilleCäcilia Lauenstein studied four years with Winfried Michel in Münster, Germany, earning a Master’s Degree in Instrumental Pedagogy. She then went to Montreal to study with Matthias Maute, with whom she had previously taken lessons in Stuttgart since childhood. Under his tutelage she earned an Artist Diploma at McGill University. Today, Cäcilia is a grade school music teacher in the region north of Montreal and enjoys transmitting her enthusiasm for the recoder to young children.

Ragnar Müller-Wille worked for over 10 years for Matthias Maute, Sophie Larivière and their Ensemble Caprice, including the yearly Montreal Recorder Festival. Over the years he also worked for other music groups in Montreal.



John Ferth opened his Recorder Center in Toronto  in 1976, serving recorder enthusiasts across Canada. After 37 successful years John decided it was time to retire and closed his shop in August 2013, but not without assuring the succession. We took over John’s entire remaining stock and located our new store – Centre de flûte à bec / Recorder Centre / Die Blockflöte.ca – in Rawdon, Quebec, just 60 km north of Montreal. Though the faces, name and location have changed, the aim remains the same: providing recorders and music to recorder enthusiasts from coast to coast to coast.

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