Approval Shipment Rules

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic we are suspending this service for the duration of the crisis.

Canada having such great distances, we will gladly send out 2 or 3 recorders for our customers to try out on approval. Our aim is to help you choose the instrument suited to your needs and that you will enjoy playing for many years.

Approval shipments can only be made with instruments we currently have in stock.

Step 1 – We require a $50.00 deposit, charged to your credit card, before sending you the instruments you choose to try out. Please call us to give us your credit card information. NEVER SEND US THIS INFORMATION BY EMAIL!
If you choose to buy an instrument, the deposit will be deducted from the final sales cost. If you do not buy, then the deposit will be reimbursed on your credit card once we have received the returned instruments. The initial shipping costs are nor reimbursed. In either case, you, the customer, are responsible for covering the shipping costs for the instrument(s) you return to us.

Step 2 – Once we send you the instruments, you will have 7 days as of receiving the instruments to try them out following the rules and conditions set out below. The instrument or instruments you do not choose to buy must be returned undamaged in as new condition after the 7 days. Please notify us as soon as you ship the returning instrument(s) and which instrument you chose to keep. We will then charge your credit card accordingly.


To ensure the instrument(s) you return to us are in as new condition, we request you follow the following rules:

  • DO NOT play each instrument for more than 5 minutes per day.
  • Keep mainly to the middle register and avoid playing long high notes.
  • DO NOT overblow or overplay
  • REMEMBER, you are trying them out, not breaking in new instruments.
  • DO NOT wear any lipstick, lip-balm, hand creams or any other cosmetic products that could come in contact with the instruments while handling them.
  • NO SMOKING and no playing in a smoky environment.
  • Be sure to blow out the windway, wipe down and let the instruments dry after each session.

We hope you will enjoy trying out your personal selection of instruments we send you and that you find the one to fulfill your needs and wishes.